Open Secret’s Founder/Director Aaron Nicholson is also Creative Director for Perceptive Development, a leading edge iPhone and mobile platform firm. Recently, Wiley Press released Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies coauthored by Aaron and Damien Stolarz from Perceptive Development.

Open Secret Communications is your source for full-cycle planning, development and marketing of your company’s next iPhone application, whether it is your first or tenth. Utilizing the principals and formulas outlined in the book, we guide you from concept through development, to marketing and positioning your app for maximal return on your investment.

With a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon and copious positive reviews from iPhone entrepreneurs who have benefited from it, Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies is the perfect starting point for approaching your iPhone app aspirations. When you are serious about moving forward and have seed-capital secured, we will be delighted to help you turn your concept into a top-notch, profitable iPhone app offering.